Every business in whatever form, is required by the South African tax and company laws to provide an annual report summarizing the business activities. We offer our expertise in the preparation of:

  • IFRS and tax compliant financial reports
  • Internal reports for management use
  • Management reports
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The SARS regulations require a proper maintenance a set of financial records that include; sales, purchases, assets, trading stock, customers, suppliers and other financial transactions affecting the business. We have the capacity and capability to assist your business with:

  • Financial data processing
  • Updating financial records
  • Maintenance of books in accordance to SARS requirements
  • Monthly reconciliations

Secretarial & Compliance Services

Which form to file? When to file? What supporting documents to file? Dealing with the companies office (CIPC) is a daunting task, filled with so much legalities embedded in the Companies Act of 2008. We are experienced in navigating the CIPC processes and can assist your business with the below:

  • New business formations

  •  Company amendments

  • Director/ member amendments

  • Company re-instatements

  • Share certificates and shareholder registers

  • CIPC annual returns filing



Auditing can be a time consuming and costly exercise especially if the financial records are not in order. We provide our expertise in IFRS reporting to assist businesses in getting ready for external audit. We offer:

  • Compilation of audit files for external verification

  • Assisting external auditors with performance of various audit procedures

  • Documenting and filing the key supporting information

  • Reviewing annual financial reports to ensure compliance with IFRS

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Running a business requires constant scanning of both internal and external environment. In today’s world, change occurs rapidly and instant. New laws and regulations are enacted, government leadership changes, new product and services are developed. Change is inevitable, we are available to assist your business with tools to manage risk. We offer advisory services such as:

  • Tax compliance reviews

  • Internal controls review and implementation

  • Regulatory and business compliance review

  • Governance structure reviews

  • Due diligence reports

  • Financial and economic market research

  • Business plans and cash flow projections


NPO & Charity Accounting & Compliance Reporting

Getting funding from donors is always great for achieving the objectives of NPOs. The donor funding is critical for day to day operations as well as meeting the needs of the beneficiaries. However, every donor will want some level of assurance that their money has gone to good use.

We provide your NPO with regular accounting and compliance support to ensure that donors are satisfied and funding keeps coming in. we are experienced in providing:

  • Budgeting and projections

  • Monitoring and controls

  • Resource management

  • Statutory reports as per the NPO Act 71 of 1997

  • Reports to funders and stakeholders

  • Needs analysis reports

  • Social and economic research

  • Capacity building for NPOs


Corporate Tax

Non-compliance with tax rules and regulations may spell disaster for many businesses. SARS has the constitutional power and obligation to enforce the tax laws and ensure collection of maximum tax revenue. Any non-compliance will result not only in sequestration of your assets but prospects of jail time are a reality. We are available to ensure your business is complying. We offer tax compliance and tax controversy services such as:

  • Income tax compliance and reporting

  • Tax planning and transaction structuring

  • VAT administration and reporting

  • Tax controversy and SARS dispute resolutions

  • Negotiations with SARS

  • SARS audit preparations


Employees' Tax

Managing employees is not as easy as ABC. There are statutory issues to consider and employees’ tax is one of the key compliance issues to manage. Let our team of experienced HR practitioners to manage the below on your behalf:

  • Payroll reviews and structuring

  • Fringe benefits and allowances

  • Monthly payroll processing

  • Annual PAYE reconciliations and submissions

  • Director remuneration and salary structuring

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International Tax

Tax authorities are collaborating on a global scale. There is now the sharing of tax information using CTC (country to country reporting) and DTA (double taxation agreements). Make use of our international tax experts to ensure compliance and avoid prosecution by SARS. We offer tax advisory on the following:

  • Transfer pricing

  • Cross border transactions

  • E-commerce transactions

  • Import and export transactions


Personal Tax-High Net Worth Individuals

Earning income from multiple sources is the ideal way of securing financial freedom. However, the more you earn the more you attract higher tax rates. Consult with us to ensure the protection of your hard earned income and the preservation of your estate.

We are experienced in the interpretation and application of various available tax provisions to help you mitigate your tax paying position. We offer the following:

  • Tax planning and transaction structuring

  • Estate planning

  • Trust formations

  •  Succession planning

Tax law

Tax Controversy & SARS Dispute Resolutions

SARS Commissioner has the statutory mandate to enforce the tax laws of South Africa. SARS will only prove that the tax payer has earned income from different sources (employment, trade, investment or proceeds from disposal of asset) and issue an assessment followed by the collection of tax. SARS is empowered to issue third party instructions to bankers, employers, government departments and pension fund administrator for the collection of tax.

Disputing any SARS assessment is a time consuming processes that involves a lot of filings using prescribed format and within the prescribe time period.

Consult with our experienced team of Tax Practitioners and Tax Advocates to help you protect what you have earned and fight for your tax rights using the available tax processes and provisions. Our team of experts offers the following:

  • Filing of Notice of Objections- NOO

  • Filing Suspension of Tax (pending the NOO)

  • Filing Request for Remission of interests and penalties

  • Compiling and referencing supporting documents

  • Preparing for SARS audits

  • Escalating any unresolved tax disputes to the Tax Ombudsman

  • Negotiating payment terms with SARS on behalf of tax payer

  • Representing taxpayer on all interactions with SARS and Tax Board


Corporate Social Responsibility Student Support Services

To support government initiatives towards transformation in the accountancy profession, we provide support to accountancy students from previously disadvantaged communities. Our core objective is to ensure examination success and subsequent participation in the mainstream economy. Our support services include the following:

  • Tutorial classes

  • Revision and examination preparation

  • Mentorship and professional grooming

  • Practical work experience

  • Career guidance

  • Assistance with work placement

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